Nutrition Presentations

Nutrition Presentations: for corporate, community and school forums.
I am an experienced corporate speaker. I hold two training qualifications and have an extensive career in corporate Human Resources.

I have a passion for empowering people to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices through education, no matter how young or old.

Presentation topics include:

  • Healthy Eating for Busy Lifestyles
    What are the common food and lifestyle traps we face when we get busy? How can we overcome them and ensure that our nutrition and lifestyle choices support us when we need them the most?
  • Busting Food Myths
    Information about foods can be confusing. This talk busts some myths about common food issues that often confuse consumers such as skim milk versus whole milk, butter versus margarine or whether we need more protein.
  • Foods to Improve Mood
    More and more research is showing that our mood can be improved by the food we eat – through providing better nutrition and feeding the healthy bugs in our gut.
  • Optimal Nutrition
    At its most fundamental level food is fuel for our bodies…but are we getting the right stuff? Get back to basics and understand what the nutrients in food do for us.
  • Inflammation and Ageing
    Inflammation is a perfectly natural and necessary cascade of events meant to keep our bodies safe. However chronic systemic inflammation can do significant damage to our bodies, brains and our appearance. How can food help you avoid inflammation?
  • What About Diets and Detoxes?
    Do fad diets really work?  Are detoxes really safe?  This talks looks at when and why you might use diets and detoxes, and also why for most of us simple eating sensibly is a better option.
  • Understanding Food for Kids
    Kids have an innate ability to eat the food that provides the right amount of energy but not necessarily the right nutrients for growth and development. This short talk teaches kids the difference between ‘everyday’ foods and ‘sometimes’ foods. This presentation can be tailored to suit kids in school years 5 to 9.


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