Kitchen Audits / Cooking Lessons / Supermarket Visits

Kitchen Audits:

Thought you were on track? Let’s work through the food stuffs lurking in the back of your cupboards and fridge. Do they help you on your food and health journey, or do they sabotage your health goals? Are they even still in the use by date? And what is a ‘use by’ date anyway?

Supermarket Visits:

Helping you make sense of the supermarket – learn about food labelling, which foods to choose and which to avoid, as well as understanding how supermarkets are designed to make you spend your money and what to look for when making your purchases.

Cooking Lessons:

Never cooked before, haven’t cooked for a while or cook but never liked your own cooking? Struggling to know what to make for meals? I can assist you to feel confident in the kitchen to prepare healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals.