Quit the diets and detoxes

January 11th, 2017 in Blogs

It’s that time of year when all the weight loss companies are sprouting their wares on television – trying to cash in on your new year resolutions.  Many of you might be considering some of these programs as an option or considering going on a short term calorie restrictive detox or diet.

You will notice that this post comes later than all the new year’s resolution posts.  There’s a method in my madness.  By now many of you will have stumbled through the holiday period, made a resolution and then realised there’s Australia Day to contend with…so the diet went on the back burner.

My struggle with new year resolutions around dieting and detoxing is that severely restricting calorie consumption can lead to cravings, slower metabolism and rebound weight.

Over 90% of people who lose weight on a severely restricted calorie diet will regain the weight they have lost and gain more within 3 years.

So this year, why not try adding in loads of vegetables to fill up your tummy rather than trying to drop so-called ‘bad’ foods out.  Being healthy and maintaining a preferred body weight takes lots of work over a life time not just a month or two.

This year why not consider ‘not dieting’  but filling up on vegetables and wholefoods as your new year intention?

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