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Parabens. Heard of them? Yep! Know what they are? Nope!
We’ll let’s see if I can help out here…briefly.

Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used in toiletries and cosmetics as a preservative. They are also used as fragrances in some cosmetics. You will see them listed on products as methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben and ethylparaben.

Parabens occur naturally at low levels in some foods. But many of the parabens used in cosmetics are synthesised from petrochemicals. When parabens in food are eaten they are metabolised but when applied to the skin (as soaps, shampoos and conditioners, lotions and moisturisers, makeup, deodorants and even toothpaste) they aren’t metabolised in the same way…they are absorbed by the body and simply enter the blood stream and then body’s organs.

Parabens act as endocrine disrupters and can interfere with hormone function by mimicking the female sex hormone oestrogen. Parabens have been found in breast cancer tissue samples suggesting a link between parabens and cancer. They are also linked with neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity and skin irritation.

So why not check how many of your bathroom products contain parabens and start to replace them with paraben-free alternatives?

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